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Open Source Development for Public Health Informatics

Open Source development is a viable option for public health informatics software development. While specific open source licenses should be selected based on individual project requirements, the R&D Lab uses the Apache Public License v2 (ASL) for many of its projects. For those who are unfamiliar with Open Source- you may enjoy watching this 5 […]

Structured Technology Evaluation Tool

This document serves as a guide for completing a structured technology evaluation – for the public health community. Each section of the outline describes how specific portions of the evaluation should be performed. The scope of this tool is to examine specific technology-based tools or resources that have the capacity to provide specific value to […]

IIU’s Structured Evaluation Framework: Origin and Evolution

In January 2010, CDC created a Public Health Informatics Research & Development Unit (IRDU).  In order to efficiently carry out its mission of advancing the field of public health informatics through applied research and innovation, IRDU staff developed a draft evaluation framework to be used on the wide variety of technology-based tools and solutions of […]