Our Team

The IIU team consists of individuals with varied backgrounds and areas of expertise, such as:

hardware / network design, project management, mobile software development, graphics / user experience design, public health, web-based application development, information / enterprise architecture, public health informatics, and clinical medicine.

Tom Savel, MD


Mary Peck, MIT

Deputy Director

Dale LaValley, MBA

Lead Technology Engineer

Peter White, BS

Computer Scientist

Erica Jimenez, MSW/MPH

Public Health Analyst

KB Xiong

User Experience/Interface Designer

Jamaica Smith

User Support & Operations (Contractor)

Sanjith David, MS

Web Development (Contractor)

Michael Ta

Web Development (Contractor)

Trung Nguyen, BS

Web Development (Contractor)

Greg Ledbetter, BS

Mobile Development (Contractor)

Jason James, BS

Mobile Development (Contractor)

Kristin Muterspaw, BA

ORISE Fellow

Curtis Bowman

Technology Engineer (Contractor)

Center for Surveillance, Epidemiology, and Laboratory Services | Office of Public Health Scientific Services |
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention | Department of Health and Human Services