Creating a Javascript (JQuery) powered application-in-page

As part of the MMWR Express project, the team created a new web resource, “Photon Admin.”  Photon Admin is a Javascript (JQuery) powered application-in-page built to tranform MMWR article blue-boxes into JSON ‘Blobs’ that can be easily consumed by the MMWR Express mobile application.  The blobs generated by Photon Admin – affectionately referred to as  “Blob The Builder” are then posted to a feed via CDC’s Content Syndication service  (akin to a CDC hosted “feedburner” account) – where the information can then be consumed by MMWR Express.

Current status:  The stable build, affectionately known as “Blob the Builder”, is deployed to informatics lab externally accessible demo site accessible via:  Future development plans include a version of Photon Admin which can save and serve article blobs by connecting via AJAX to through a branch off the Phoserver Node.JS RESTful  server platform.

Installation and Operation instructions:  Download the latest release of Blob the Builder in a zip, unpack the zip, and ten open the webpage via a web browser (note, this does not have to be deployed to a web-server).  Copy a link from a desired MMWR article, click “Load article” and the blue box information should populate.  Then, fill out some tags (multi-word tags can be surrounded by quotes), and click “Generate Blob”.  Then, if you have access to, you can access the photon-feed and post the blob to a new feed item.

Code for “blob the builder is availble from GitHub.

Included screenshots:  Sample “blob” and a screenshot of “Blob the Builder”