Leveraging new technology to improve public health

The mission of CDC's Informatics Innovation Unit (IIU) is to study, prototype, and test new and innovative programmatic, technology-based tools and resources to maximize a program’s ability to positively impact target audiences within the public health community.

The IIU serves both CDC programs and CDC’s public health partners to advance the field of public health informatics through applied research and innovation, and engages projects that support innovative public health uses of information technology.

To achieve this mission, the IIU:

  • Provides consultation and resources (both physical and knowledge-based) in the creation of new informatics solutions for public health practice;
  • Rapidly develops prototypes and solutions to facilitate the testing of programmatic hypotheses; and,
  • Provides an optimal, flexible, and scalable environment to facilitate prototype testing and evaluation of public health informatics solutions.

IIU Brief Reviews


Georgia Tech Institute for People and Technology (IPaT) 2014 Forum

   By P.W.  IIU Staff I attended the 2014 Georgia Tech IPaT Forum from November 11th-12th, 2014 in the GA Tech Global Learning Center.  The forum included 4 keynotes, 3 forums, and several overviews/reviews of fascinating activities GA Tech, GA Tech IPaT, and GA Tech partners/sponsors were carrying out on the topic of Connected Life. Here are a


iOS Mobile App Development – Lessons Learned

Mobile computing is a growing component of CDC’s interaction with the public. This review shares the lessons learned by the Lab and its partners in designing, developing, testing and releasing a clinical guidance app for use by physicians. Although the processes followed are specific to CDC, the lessons learned may be useful to any group


MapWindow GIS: An Open-Source Geographic Information System (GIS)

Examined – Fall 2010 The MapWindow application is a ready-to-use spatial data viewer, and a tool that can be modified into a new custom application. (http://www.mapwindow.org). The MapWindow consists of the main MapWindow application, Core Components, and plug-ins. The main MapWindow application is the central interface and is a stand-alone GIS application. Background: The core


Yahoo Pipes: Data Mashup Tool

Last evaluated:   September 2011 Yahoo Pipes is a free web tool that can allow public health programs to pull together existing data feeds into a combined, transformed and processed RSS feed. Introduction: Yahoo Pipes is a free tool that has been designed to combine multiple, disparate data feeds and allows for rules processing, transformation and