Leveraging new technology to improve public health

The mission of CDC's Informatics Innovation Unit (IIU) is to improve public health through the development and/or discovery of innovative technology solutions. IIU's goal is to facilitate cost and time savings, improve decision making, and provide creative solutions to augment public health impact.

IIU carries out its mission by providing the following technology innovation services:

  • consultation and guidance
  • product design and development
  • computing resources
  • evaluation and testing
  • physical collaboration space

IIU Brief Reviews


iOS Mobile App Development – Lessons Learned

Mobile computing is a growing component of CDC’s interaction with the public. This review shares the lessons learned by the Lab and its partners in designing, developing, testing and releasing a clinical guidance app for use by physicians. Although the processes followed are specific to CDC, the lessons learned may be useful to any group


MapWindow GIS: An Open-Source Geographic Information System (GIS)

Examined – Fall 2010 The MapWindow application is a ready-to-use spatial data viewer, and a tool that can be modified into a new custom application. (http://www.mapwindow.org). The MapWindow consists of the main MapWindow application, Core Components, and plug-ins. The main MapWindow application is the central interface and is a stand-alone GIS application. Background: The core


Yahoo Pipes: Data Mashup Tool

Last evaluated:   September 2011 Yahoo Pipes is a free web tool that can allow public health programs to pull together existing data feeds into a combined, transformed and processed RSS feed. Introduction: Yahoo Pipes is a free tool that has been designed to combine multiple, disparate data feeds and allows for rules processing, transformation and


Open Source Development for Public Health Informatics

Created:   March 2012 The Lab’s experience using open source licenses for software development Open Source develop   ment is a viable option for public health informatics software development. While specific open source licenses should be selected based on individual project requirements, the R&D Lab uses the Apache Public License v2 (ASL) for many of its


OpenMRS: An Open Source Electronic Medical Record System

Evaluated:  March 2011 Given all the national activity around Electronic Health Records (EHR), the R&D team felt it was of value to provide the public health community access to an example EHR system, and gain a practical understanding of what healthcare providers are now experiencing on a daily basis. The example EHR system is currently